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· The Letter is a part of the european heritage ·

Monument to Cardinal Bolesław Kominek in Wrocław

Monument to Cardinal Bolesław Kominek in Wrocław, initiator of the letter from the Polish bishops to the German bishops. The text under the statue recalls the historic words “We forgive and ask for forgiveness”. 

Cover with which the Millennium letters were bound

The Letter of the Polish bishops to the German bishops with the sentence “we forgive and ask for forgiveness” is an important artefact of European heritage. The message and history of the Letter should become part of the narrative about the process of European unification after World War II. The Polish government is taking steps to commemorate the Letter and disseminate knowledge about this document across Europe and the world. The location of research and educational projects on this subject is the Depot History Centre located in Wrocław. The museum was founded in the place where the Solidarity movement in Wrocław was born. The inhabitants of Wrocław have placed tens of thousands of items of memorabilia, archival documents and oral testimonies here. Debates on the future of Europe take place here on a regular basis. 

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